Ministry Needs
Often individuals ask us what they can do to help meet the needs of the children at Mi Refugio and the surrounding ministry areas.  It is often more feasible to purchase these items in the States and then have them transported to Guatemala by the short term ministry teams when the travel to Mi Refugio.

If you click on the link to the right, you can view a current list of some of the needs items that you can help provide.  To find out how you can get these items into the hands of a ministry team please either call or write Harry Engen in Maryland

Mi Refugio
4908 Jasmine Drive
Rockville, MD  20853 
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Mi Refugio Needs List
hygiene needs toothpaste
Hygiene items such as tootpaste are always in need!
Medical supplies Mi Refugio needs
Medical Supplies are also in constant need and are used to help the students, their families and those in need in the remote areas surrounding the school.

We need backpacks!!!  All 400 children attending Mi Refugio needs a backpack to carry their school supplies, books and eating utensils in.  This is a reocurring need every year and a great opportunity for you to directly impact a child.  Back packs can be sent to the Maryland address on this page by US mail, UPS, FedEx ground, etc.

ministry Mi Refugio suitcases needs supplies
Each child attending Mi Refugio needs a backpack, and you can help!!